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All product lines, as a rule, are subject to the most stringent quality processes, since the composition until the completion of the product, thereby ensuring total satisfaction of customers.

Packing Group invests relentlessly in R&D. Research and innovation reverted to our customers ensures the leadership in the national and international market.







A differentiated stretch film from all others in the market: higher yield, better elongation, without the risk of perforation or disruptions. In 36 coextruded film layers and multilayered sole nanotechnology that results in a perfect synergy between materials, providing a film with excellent mechanical properties at low thickness.


Ultrathin stretch film, providing great savings for the customer. Its fine structure with high puncture resistance allows excellent cost-benefit ratio in palletizing.

Initially focused on Europe and USA, now available for the domestic market.

The embossed backsheet film for children`s and geriatric diapers and sanitary pads with high technology are produced by coextrusion of up to five layers, combined with noble resins, adding to the final product high softness and smoothness.

The traceability and quality control of Packing Group embossed film are the guidelines for the production processes in all plants, certified by ISO 9001: 2008.


The embossed film can be pigmented in different colors, micro written, macro recorded and laminated, they still enable printing in up to eight colors.


Packing Group plastic bags are made from low density polyethylene resins, processed in modern blow-extrusion equipment ("balloon") monolayer or multilayer, high strength and high weldability.


They can be produced both in natural or special colors and in various sizes and finishes.


The applications involve the packaging of many more products such as sugar, paper, mattresses, squashes, juices, meats, chemicals, hygiene and cleaning, textiles, disposable, among others.

An important technological differential in Packing Group is the coextrusion process, which allows to produce bags with multiple layers and high strength. Furthermore, Packing Group bags are nontoxic and 100% recyclable, and may also be made from renewable resins.

Packing Group industrial bags are the ideal solution for products which require a higher resistance for its weight and volume, like chemicals, fertilizers, petrochemical resins, mattress, agricultural substrate, mineral and others.

Industrial Bags: Valvuled or open mouth

These bags are used in packaging products which require high strength. They are manufactured with valves or open mouth, plain or printed and they are available in various formats and finish standards. The Packing Group also produces the FFS films (Form, Fill and Seal), using automatic packaging.

Packing Group Shrink line is composed by films or bags which contract upon heat application. Formulated with Polyethylene resins, processed in extruders and coextrudors, they can be plain or printed by flexography in up to eight colors.


An important technological differential of this product is the coextrusion process, which allows to produce films / shrink bags, multi-layer and high performance, achieving the most stringent specifications and adapting to the customers’ needs.


Packing Group Shrink films and bags are used in various types of products, shapes and dimensions. Gathering, protecting and optimizing its logistics, they can be used in various equipment, both manual and automatic.


In addition to all these benefits, Packing Group Shrink films and bags are non-toxic and 100% recyclable, they also can be renewable source - GREEN POLYETHYLENE*.

(*) Environmentally friendly resins, vegetable origin. It is estimated that for every pound of GREEN PE consumed, five kilograms of CO2 are no longer issued, contributing to reducing the greenhouse effect.

Most frequent applications include: beer, water bottlers, soft drinks and juices, food industries in general, poultry slaughterhouses, pulp and paper, textile, chemical industry, cosmetics, construction inputs, glassware, household appliances ...

Packing Group line of Plastic Films is made of plain and printed films, produced in modern extrusion equipment or coextrusion blow ("balloon"). The technological edge of coextrusion allows the production of multiple layers films and high yield.


The basic composition of these films is achieved by blends of low-density polyethylene resins, and there are many technical possibilities: various widths and thicknesses, colors, properties, shapes and additivation. They still may receive flexography printing in up to eight colors.



Packing Group printed and plain films are used for lamination, visual communication, agricultural sheets and blankets, balers, magazines, and the automatic packaging of cereals, sugar, wheat flour, hygiene and cleaning products, paper, pasteurized milk, among others.


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