Always investing in the modernization of the production lines with last generation equipment, and a strict quality control based on international standards, the Packing Group offers complete service ensuring the best delivery times, better products and a team ready to innovate.


The Packing Group


 Packing Group, one of the largests groups of flexible plastic packaging companies in Latin America, It is also the leader of this segment in Brazil.


With six Factories currently producing over 110,000 tons/year, exporting to all parts of the American and European continent. It also has large distribution centers in Germany, Spain and USA, which consolidates and highlights Its position in the international market.


For more than 25 years in business, its operations began in Brazil in 1986, in Valinhos SP, producing valve bags for fertilizer, plastic sheeting and films for agriculture. Currently, its product line includes high performance packaging, multilayer coextruded films and exclusive NANO technology, with high mechanical properties.


Packing Group products provide excellent productivity with a focus on quality, offering low costs to customers without compromising the sustainability present in the development of new films produced with the "green" polyethylene.



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