Patena went operational in 2008 and in less than a year, had doubled its production capacity, this is due to an excellent market return, quality, timeliness and location of the new unit. This rapid advancement was only possible because of the full support and "know How" of the Packing Group, active in the flexible packaging market for over 25 years. These results are the fruit of high investments in technology and employees training. Featuring latest generation equipment, automated control of the entire production process, its industrial park, is composed of Extruders, Coextrudors, Extruder Plana, Printers for up to 08 colors and finishing machines.


Established strategically in the Midwest region, more precisely in Campo Grande / MS, Patena has the benefit of serving various regions of Brazil with agility and precision, reducing time and costs with the logistics of distribution.

Patena has an industrial courtyard for the high performance production and overall quality of the products. All in 12 thousand square meters area, allowing a production of 1000 tons per month.

The Group produces 60 thousand tons/year of Stretch Film, reaching the national and international recognition, becoming the leader of this segment for Latin America and a reference in the Global market.


Only group with NANOLAYER technology, capable to provide a differentiated technical support, with a specialized after-sales area, ensuring greater performance and efficiency in consumption.


The group is the only one to provide the uniqueness of the HIGH LIGHT machine. An equipement to make advanced quality testing; drawing, drilling, charge retention, impact and tear. That enables us to develop films for each specific application, generating economy.


Factories in SAO PAULO, RIO DE JANEIRO,  BAHIA and MATO GROSSO guarantee a differentiated logistics efficiency.



Operational since 1999, Norpack is part of Packing Group.

The unit is now one of the largest in Brazil, serving the food, beverages and industrial segments, producing technical films and shrinks, FFS, valved and opened mouth bags.


Located in the city of Camaçari, in the metropolitan area of Salvador (BA), Norpack industrial yard has 19,000 m² in which are found latest technology equipment, producing 1,300 tons of packaging per month.




The high investments reflect higher quality and durability of the final product. In addition, the company is fully equipped for the production of films as well as plain and printed bags in up to eight colors, using coextrusion system in three layers.

Technological advances allow instant communications with the most diverse regions of the planet, enabling business with companies from several countries.


Globalization drives the development of companies, forcing them to modernize, either to conquer new markets, or to perpetuate a market position.




The main markets in which we operate are the American and European.


We have three distribution centers to facilitate our international logistics. They arestrategically located in Spain, Germany and in the USA.

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